Nafilia designs and manufactures innovative and high-quality riding equipment. We specialize in horse tack made from sustainable and cruelty-free materials.

Pferdedecken Reinigung & Lederpflegeservice

Nafilia bietet einen professionellen und nachhaltigen Reinigungs-und Pflegeservice für deine Decken und Trensen, damit du lange Freude an ihnen hast. Wir reinigen und imprägnieren nicht nur deine Pferdedecken auf schonende und biologische Weise, wir übernehmen auch die Lederpflege
Zur Reinigung & Lederpflege

Riding boot Kara

Vegan riding boot "Kara" is a beautifully crafted and stylish boot for all disciplines. The boot is made of high-quality apple leather with a hemp lining.
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Halters & Bridles

Leather has been the standard material for riding equipment for many years. Nafilia now offers you a modern and sustainable alternative: high-quality halters and bridles made from vegan materials.
To the halters and bridles
cruelty free and sustainable

Ethical & Sustainable

Nafilia is rooted in the belief in treating animals with respect and care. With an equally strong passion for protecting our planet, we only offer the most sustainable tack of the highest quality, made through innovative processes. Our mission is to inspire a world that doesn’t self-destruct, and we lead by example.

Guided by the future of design and circularity, Nafilia is creating products with unlimited potential for all riders. Reinventing old traditions by considering the complete design solution, inclusive of how we source, produce, use and return them. Nafilia will be part of the solutions to overcome these challenges. Together with ethical principles and sustainability, we have the opportunity to take on a powerful role in making the world a better place.


We are proud to say that we use the most innovative, cruelty-free, and ethical materials. As it has become evident that many raw materials needed are in limited quantities, intensive research has been conducted to create improved alternatives.

All of our materials come from renewable raw and recycled materials, regardless of whether it is a biodegradable leather substitute or a sustainable fabric.


We offer beautifully-designed halters and bridles from high-quality and ethically responsible origins.


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