Cleaning & Leather care

Horse blanket cleaning & leather care service

We offer a new, professional and sustainable washing and care service for horse as well as dog blankets and leather equipment.

Sustainable, innovative
specialized in leather
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7,9069,80 inkl. MwSt.
19,9031,90 inkl. MwSt.

How does our washing and care service work with convenient shipping

You want to have your blanket, saddle pad, western pad washed or maybe your bridle or boots cleaned? It is very easy!


1. Step

Order the washing or care service

Choose the desired service and complete your order. From an order value of 75 € the return shipment within Germany is free of charge for you.


2. Step

Preparation for shipping

Please pack your items in a bag and mark them again with your name and phone number. Put the purchase confirmation in the carton, take it to the post office and send it to the following address: Karwendelstraße 30, 12203 Berlin


3. Step

Receipt of goods

When we receive your order, we will check your item(s). If we notice major damage, we will contact you and discuss a possible repair. Each article is provided by us with a small label incl. order number, so that they can be assigned at any time.


4. Step

Washing or caring for leather equipment

The blankets may be brushed and washed with special detergents, depending on the type. We use only climate-friendly detergent (free of PFC). The leather equipment is cleaned and maintained with our own leather balm.


5. Step

Drying blankets

Since we also want to dry sustainably and climate-friendly after washing, we do not use a dryer. The blankets are all hung up wrinkle-free with us in the form as the blanket also lies on the horse.


6. Step

Final control & shipping

Before the articles are packed and shipped, we make a final check of the quality of cleaning and care. Then the items will be packed in the bag and carton you packed and shipped back to you.