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Nafilia stands fully behind the idea of vegan and cruelty-free materials.

The continued usage of leather is one of the major contributors to the prevalence of factory farms and slaughterhouses, as leather is a primary by-product of the meat industry. Moreover, during the processing of leather (tanning), harmful substances and pollutants get released into the atmosphere. What’s more, over a billion animals of different kinds have to die every year for the production of leather, according to PETA.

Cruelty free



It is our resolve to remain committed to the sustainability of the environment, and we seek to continue doing so. The degradation of the environment caused by the production of leather is a serious one that occurs in two different forms.

The first one is the factory farming practice, which has led to the deforestation of about 70% of the Amazon rainforest over the last half-century to supply food for billions of animals around the world. This practice resulted in the production of millions of tonnes of waste in a solid and gaseous state, which degrades the ground, water supply, and the atmosphere alike.

The second form of environmental degradation results from the preparation of leather, a process that includes the production and emission of dangerous toxins and pollutants into the air. As such, people who live and work around the tanneries where leather is prepared face several health issues, part of which is cancer that results in the death of many people.

In a bid to bring this realization to the consciousness of the public concerning the harm and dangers that the production of leather causes to animals, humans, and the environment, Nafilia takes it upon itself to lead by example and change the mindset of the public to effect a positive future for the economy and environment.

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