About Nafilia

„The art of life lies in a constant readjustment to our surroundings.“

– Kakuzo Okakura –

An entrepreneur’s story

The journey of Nafilia began in summer 2019 when I decided to give a new life to two former racehorses from France. While trying to find suitable equipment, I realized that there are limited options for ethical and sustainable products. This further strengthened my resolve and fueled the passion for proffering a solution to the problem.

Driven by the principles of sustainability and my conviction to lead an environmentally conscious life in which no animals should be harmed by humans, I tapped into my knowledge of research methods and combined it with my experience in sustainability and design to establish Nafilia. With a background in academia and surrounded by a vibrant field of experts in various fields from media to environmental studies, I saw it as my duty to renew and inspire the people’s vision with a product, which is ethically and environmentally responsible. Therefore, it is safe to say that Nafilia represents my preference for high quality and ethical products over unsafe materials.

The name “Nafilia” is a fusion of two words ‘Na’ which stands for ‘sustainability’ in german, and ‘filia’ (φιλία), which is the Greek word for friendship, affection, and love.

Nafilias ­commitment

Our commitment to revitalize the traditional industry is based not only on the ethically conscious riders’ wish but also on a suitable solution for the growing number of environmentally conscious customers. Many horse riders had a difficult time getting ethical equestrian products for their horses.

We have created a new logic for production and manufacturing. Our orientation is towards sustainable product development and sustainable design. With this new production logic, we seek to satisfy the riders without affecting the environment.

By offering a wide range of different disciplines such as western riding, dressage, and jumping, collected in one shop, every customer will easily find the product of their choice. In addition, and based on the innovative strength that the company brings with it, research and development will be constantly oriented towards the wishes and demands of customer

Our aspirations are innovative, ethical, and durable.

We want to create the best products without exploiting our planet. To ensure that this plan works, we work with carefully selected associations and partners implementing different environmental solutions. With their help, we make our business more social, more responsible, and more transparent.

We are proud to have access to the latest technology in the manufacture of sustainable products. Nafilia will manufacture a variety of products to serve a wide range of customers from different disciplines. We follow the idea of creating sustainable designed products, which are built to serve the environment and thus comply with the principles of ecological sustainability.

Sustainable entrepreneurship

In the past, the environment has taken the back seat in most people’s minds, especially when it comes to industrial design and manufacture processes. However, the level of awareness raised over the importance of a sustainable environment in recent times has made it important that we have to rethink our priorities. In this regard, we seek to lead by example. Thus, we have decided to infuse sustainable designs with creativity and passion for horses in our products, resulting in top-quality and excellent products.

Philosophy & Identity

At Nafilia, we have a clear cut philosophy; providing equestrian products for horse lovers without causing any damage to our environment or harming other animals. We believe that top quality tack and equipment are important for building a strong bond between you and your horse. We also believe that creating this bond should not be at the expense of the environment and animals, so we provide a balance between creating a connection with your horse and saving the environment.


We are aware that a lot of effort goes into the production of quality products. Thus, we have made it a point of duty to ensure that we have and follow stringent manufacturing procedures in tandem with the world’s quality standards. Our top-quality products require a strong and sustainable partnership with reputable production companies for raw materials and manufacturers. Our partners are known for their quality services and are signed under our production standard and code of conduct.

Transportation & Packaging

At Nafilia, we do not only take care of the production process; but we see it as our responsibility to properly manage the life cycle of all our products. We assess and carefully plan all the routes from our suppliers to manufacturers to our headquarter in Berlin until it arrives at your doorstep. The key to a sustainable production process is a wide-range integrated approach encompassing all the elements of sustainability, including our goal to prevent product waste. Thus, our packaging defines a minimalistic approach, reflecting natural elegance and modernity.


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